Domestic cleaning chronicles

  • Things to Expect During High-Pressure Washing of House Siding

    27 December 2021

    Home siding gets dirty over time, given that they are exposed to the elements all the time. Thus, mould, mildew, dust, debris, and pet excretion are pretty common on house siding. Notably, it is challenging to manually clean home siding because the dirt is stubborn in most cases. Notably, high-pressure cleaning is the most effective way to clean house siding since it is fast and easily removes dirt. Thus, you should hire residential cleaners offering high-pressure cleaning services.

  • 4 Places In Your Office That You're Forgetting To Clean

    26 July 2021

    How long is your office cleaning checklist? While most offices have obvious tasks like wiping down desks, cleaning counters, and mopping floors performed, there's a good chance you're forgetting to clean some of the dirtiest places of all. Here are four particularly dirty areas that are often overlooked. 1. The microwave You clean the countertops and wash the dishes, but what about the office microwave everyone uses to heat their food?