Domestic cleaning chronicles

  • How to Clean Your Outdoor Area After a Long Winter

    10 October 2019

    If you live in a more temperate part of the country, your outdoor season may be shorter than in other areas. In fact, you may spend most of the winter indoors and without venturing onto your patio and, as such, it may need some tender, loving care at the end of the spring. With long evenings and nights of outdoor entertainment ahead, how can you bring your patio back to life as quickly as possible and with the least hassle?

  • 3 Reasons to Use a Truck-Mounted Carpet Cleaning Service

    5 June 2019

    If you need to clean some of your carpets, then you may have considered hiring a cleaning machine. Before you do this, consider your alternatives. For example, you could hire a carpet cleaning company that uses truck-mounted equipment. What are the benefits? 1. Less Hassle Hiring a cleaning company to work on your carpets can save you a lot of time and effort. For a start, you won't have to get cleaning equipment and do the cleaning yourself; you can just leave it to the experts.