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Things to Expect During High-Pressure Washing of House Siding

by Grace Dunn

Home siding gets dirty over time, given that they are exposed to the elements all the time. Thus, mould, mildew, dust, debris, and pet excretion are pretty common on house siding. Notably, it is challenging to manually clean home siding because the dirt is stubborn in most cases. Notably, high-pressure cleaning is the most effective way to clean house siding since it is fast and easily removes dirt. Thus, you should hire residential cleaners offering high-pressure cleaning services. This article highlights aspects to expect during high-pressure washing of a home's siding.

Initial Inspection

Most homeowners think that professional residential cleaners connect high-pressure cleaning equipment to a faucet, turn on the pump, and start blasting away dirt from a house siding. This would be true if all high-pressure cleaning jobs were the same, but this is not the case. Your house siding is unique; therefore, a professional residential cleaner will inspect it first.

The inspection step is crucial because it gives a cleaner a general idea of what they are working with. For instance, a cleaner will inspect the siding for flaws, such as cracks, that could break from high-pressure water. They also examine the windows and doors to ensure they are locked and that the seals are tight to prevent water from getting into a house. High-pressure cleaning only starts once a cleaner gives a house siding a clean bill of health.

Use of an Elevated Platform

Cleaning the siding of a single-story building is easy because everything happens on the ground. However, cleaning the exterior walls of a multi-story house can be challenging because workers have to clean the upper siding too. You might think that professional cleaners use a ladder for such buildings, but it is not the case. High-pressure cleaning on a ladder is risky because the push back from the water jet can make a cleaner lose balance and fall. It is why a professional cleaner uses an elevated platform, such as a boom lift, a scissor lift, or scaffolding. The elevated platforms allow a cleaner to reach upper floors siding easily.

Outdoor Electrical Outlets

If you are thinking about lounging on a patio during high-pressure cleaning of your home's siding, save it for later. The reason is that a service provider will ask you to turn off the power to all outdoor electrical outlets. It is mainly the case if the outlets are not waterproofed. The last thing you want is water getting into one of the live outlets and causing a short to the entire electrical system. In this regard, a service provider will ask you to turn off the switch that distributes power to all external electrical outlets. Doing it protects your house from electrical malfunction and prevents electrocutions.

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