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4 Places In Your Office That You're Forgetting To Clean

by Grace Dunn

How long is your office cleaning checklist? While most offices have obvious tasks like wiping down desks, cleaning counters, and mopping floors performed, there's a good chance you're forgetting to clean some of the dirtiest places of all. Here are four particularly dirty areas that are often overlooked.

1. The microwave

You clean the countertops and wash the dishes, but what about the office microwave everyone uses to heat their food? Since microwaves have dark doors that hide the mess inside, some offices don't bother cleaning them very often. Of course, microwaves can harbour a lot of bacteria when they're not cleaned, leading to foul odours and even food contamination.

2. The switches and buttons

When was the last time you wiped down the switches and buttons in your office? If you're like most, you may never have bothered with the task at all. But in reality, switches and buttons can be some of the most grotesque parts of any office. Every time your staff switch a light on or off, they're transferring bacteria from their hands. Over time, that bacteria multiples, making your switches a hot spot for contaminants and illness-causing bacteria and viruses. The same goes for buttons on lifts, electronic devices and more.

3. Your blinds

Blinds are another part of the office that too many forget to clean. Blinds — particularly those with adjustable slats — can collect large amounts of dust and germs over time. Every time you twist, turn or adjust your blinds, you're wafting that dirt back into the environment where your employees are working. Of course, since blinds can go up quite high, many offices find them too much of a bother to clean. 

4. The bins

At first, you may think you do a good job of cleaning the bins. After all, you empty them regularly. But how often do you clean the bins themselves and the area around them? Even if you keep your bin lined with rubbish bags, you'll still find that small perforations in the bags allow waste to end up inside the bin itself. On top of that, some people never bother moving their bins, allowing grime to fester around and underneath them. If you don't clean your bin area alongside emptying the rubbish, you may as well be tossing the rubbish to the ground.

Don't have time to add all these to your cleaning rota checklist? It could be time to hire a professional. Office cleaning companies will do a thorough job of sanitising your entire space, freeing up your employees to spend more time driving up profits.