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How to Clean Your Outdoor Area After a Long Winter

by Grace Dunn

If you live in a more temperate part of the country, your outdoor season may be shorter than in other areas. In fact, you may spend most of the winter indoors and without venturing onto your patio and, as such, it may need some tender, loving care at the end of the spring. With long evenings and nights of outdoor entertainment ahead, how can you bring your patio back to life as quickly as possible and with the least hassle?

Professional Cleaning

As you will have had a lot of rain over the quieter months, your outdoor patio may have taken on a distinctly green appearance with lichen, mould and mildew in places. This is quite normal under these conditions, but it looks terrible, of course, and you will need to bring in some special cleaning equipment to put everything to rights.

Getting Ready

To begin with, you should clear the patio area and put any furniture in the garage for the time being, while moving any potted plants and so on. This will help to make relatively short work of the cleaning, without having to stop from time to time to shift things around.

Experienced Contractors

pressure washer is perfect for this job, and you can bring in contractors who will have the right equipment and knowhow to do this as efficiently as possible. They will be able to connect the cleaning equipment to your outside taps and use high-pressure hoses to help them get into those awkward-to-reach corners.

Patio Cleaning

They will also take particular care not to damage the grout or sand in between any paving stones or tiles that may be attached to the surface. To do this, they will use separate attachments that can regulate the pressure of the water, while applying the appropriate amount of force to those stubborn deposits.

Deck Cleaning

You may also have a wooden deck that appears to be a little worse for wear after the winter onslaught. This type of structure can be pressure washed as well but will need a different type of approach and, once again, separate attachments. This is no problem for experienced contractors, however, who will use their specialist knowledge to clean this part of your home without causing any unnecessary damage.

Turning Indoors

While you leave the outdoor, pressurised cleaning to the specialists, you can turn your attention indoors. After all, you need to make sure that the interior is equally as ready for the new season ahead.