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3 Reasons to Use a Truck-Mounted Carpet Cleaning Service

by Grace Dunn

If you need to clean some of your carpets, then you may have considered hiring a cleaning machine. Before you do this, consider your alternatives. For example, you could hire a carpet cleaning company that uses truck-mounted equipment. What are the benefits?

1. Less Hassle

Hiring a cleaning company to work on your carpets can save you a lot of time and effort. For a start, you won't have to get cleaning equipment and do the cleaning yourself; you can just leave it to the experts.

Using a company with truck-mounted equipment may make things even easier. The main part of the cleaning machine stays on the truck outside your home. The operator only needs to bring hoses and attachments inside. This means that you may not need to clear your room as much to make space for a bulky cleaner. The cleaning company doesn't have to worry about getting large pieces of equipment from room to room.

2. A Quicker Clean

If you hire a carpet cleaner yourself, you'll have to set the machine up, make sure it has enough water or cleaning fluid and work out how to use it. This can take some time. You'll then have to do the cleaning itself.

If you hire a professional carpet cleaning company with a truck-mounted carpet cleaner, then the cleaner is good to go as soon as they arrive at your home. Once the machine is primed and ready in the truck, the cleaners can simply move through your home quickly, cleaning as they go.

Once they are done, they simply take their hoses and attachments out with them. They won't have to spend time getting bulky machines back into their truck.

3. A Deeper Clean

While hiring a carpet cleaner may help you get your carpets clean, they may not end up as spotless as you'd like. Domestic carpet cleaners aren't always powerful enough to give you a really deep clean or to deal with difficult stains.

A truck-mounted machine is typically a lot more powerful than stand-alone machines; it may be able to use hotter water and may have a more powerful suction action. This doesn't only give you a more intensive clean but often also means that your carpets are left drier at the end of the cleaning process.

If you want to find out more about truck-mounted carpet cleaning equipment, contact a company that provides this equipment.