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4 Tips For Ensuring Your Clothes Remain Sparkling After Dry Cleaning

by Grace Dunn

How do you prevent my clothes from looking faded or discoloured after dry cleaning? Many people fail to consider these questions before dry cleaning. It is only after you are done with your laundry that you might notice some of your shirts or dresses have lost their colour and appear old. The best way to deal with this problem is to take precautions before you start doing your laundry. Below are several guidelines that will ensure your clothes remain sparkling after dry cleaning them.

Be cautious of the detergents used

Different fabrics have specifications regarding the type of detergents that can be used without damaging the material. Check the tag on the clothing to find if this information is available. You can also ask the sales agent at the store where you bought it for the right materials to use to clean the item. If you ignore this critical step, you can use detergents that increase the rate of wear and tear on your favorite trousers or dresses. As such, after several dry cleaning sessions, the item will no longer be appealing even if it is only a few weeks old.

Avoid mixing different coloured clothes

The quickest way to lose the sparkle in your clothes is to mix different coloured items when you are dry cleaning. This is because some items, especially brightly coloured clothes, will lose their colour in the drycleaning process. An example is when you mix red and white t-shirts and some of the red colour starts coming off. The result will be stains on the white t-shirts which will almost be impossible to remove. To avoid such inconveniences, wash different coloured clothes separately.

Check the interval between regular washes

How often do you wash your clothes? Once or twice a week is okay. Washing your clothes every single day causes irreversible damage since regular tumbling in the washing machine and constant exposure to detergents lead to wear and tear of the fabrics. The result is clothes that are looking dull and faded, especially for dark coloured clothes.

Use the right washing machine

Washing machines have various settings that help to safeguard the fabrics of your clothes from any damage. Select a machine that has settings which are useful for you. Examples of the different setting modes available include hand washables, delicates, permanent press and regular. You can also check for the spin and soak features. Such washing machines make it easier for you to select the best mode to clean your clothes and retain their sparkle.