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Practical Tips to Eliminate Organic Waste Odor before the Rubbish Collection Day

by Grace Dunn

In many households, the most typical waste items include glass, paper, plastic, and cardboard, and these are easily disposed of and collected by the rubbish removal companies. However, a good proportion of households also dispose of organic items. When they rot, they can emit a foul smell and make your home uninhabitable. How do you deal with such odors from organic wastes as you await collection? Here are some practical tips that you can follow.

Make use of liners

One of the common mistakes that homeowners make when disposing of organic waste is placing it directly into the waste container. Purchase leak-proof liners that are usually used together with waste bins for proper waste disposal. These can help reduce odor from decaying organic matter. Also, they make it easier to clean your bin since it doesn't come into contact with the waste. You can remove and clean the liner after waste removal or dispose of and buy a new one every time.

Treat food packaging

Wet or moist food packaging should not be placed into the bin without treatment as this will accelerate the decay process and result in foul odors. Treatment of food packaging can involve something as simple as applying concentrated salt or dipping them into a salty water solution to kill the bacteria before throwing them in the trash.

When dealing with moist or wet foods, soups, and liquids, it may be impossible to treat them. Instead, contain the food so that they won't emit any odors. You can do this by emptying them into zipper bags before placing them in the trash bin. Make sure that you drain off most of the liquid and soup in the foods to get rid of as much moisture as possible.

Bleach and disinfect the bin

Bleach is a very powerful disinfectant that's effective in killing germs and controlling odors. In fact, most bleaches have a rather strong odor which can mask the smell from your bin. Disinfect your bin regularly with a diluted bleaching agent. However, if your waste disposal bin is finished, be careful not to ruin the finish with the bleaching agent. Ensure that you dilute it adequately to avoid this.

Use dryer sheets

Dryer sheets are effective in replacing the foul waste odors with a fresh scent. They may not be used as a long-term solution since they tend to stick to the sides of the bin and get wet. However, you can use them if your garbage begins to emit a foul smell, and you don't have another quick alternative.

Waste odors can make the kitchen and other parts of your home uninhabitable if they aren't managed. With these few tips, you can prevent or control waste odors as you wait for the rubbish removal company to collect your waste.