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Best Carpet Cleaning Methods for Residential Applications

by Grace Dunn

Most homeowners will agree that owning a carpet, especially in living spaces with a lot of traffic, means contending with stains, dust, pet dander and more adhering to the surface of their carpet. This may simply start out as an eyesore but over time, the various contaminants gradually become embedded deep in the carpet fibres. This makes them harder to eliminate via regular vacuuming or spot cleaning. As such, you may want to consider professional carpet cleaning on occasion to ensure that your carpet is not a health hazard in your home. Here are some of the best carpet cleaning methods that can be used for residential applications. 

Host cleaning

This type of carpet cleaning method is also referred to as absorbent compound cleaning. The cleaning process begins with regular vacuuming to eliminate surface dirt. The professional cleaners will then spread a wet attractant on the surface of the offending carpet. The wet attractant is then agitated through the use of a specialized buffing equipment. Once the attractant has absorbed the dirt from the carpet, it is vacuumed right off. Host cleaning is great for residential carpet cleaning, as your carpet will be dry in a flash. However, this type of carpet cleaning is only suitable for surface stains and contaminants, as the attractant does not penetrate deep into the carpets fibres. This makes it ideal for low pile carpeting.

Encapsulation cleaning

This type of professional carpet cleaning is suited for low pile carpets. The process begins with the carpet being pre-treated using an encapsulating solution. The professional cleaners will then use specialized equipment to ensure that the encapsulating solution is absorbed into the carpet fibres. Once the cleaning solution dries, your entire carpet will look encapsulated in a crystal-like substance, hence the name encapsulation cleaning. The professional cleaners will then vacuum this substance off and leave you with a spotless carpet. This method is also a popular option for homeowners who would like a quick drying solution when opting for carpet cleaning.

Bonnet cleaning

This cleaning method is aptly names after the equipment used to sterilize the carpet. The professional cleaners will disperse a liquid cleaning solution all over the carpet. This will work toward breaking down the contaminants contained in the carpet. This is followed by buffering of the carpet using an absorbent pad, known as the bonnet, which is attached to the equipment. The bonnet absorbs both the solution and the contaminants. If the carpet was extremely dirty, the bonnet will be replaced with a clean one until the carpet is spick and span.