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Advisory Tips for Running a Small Demolition Business

by Grace Dunn

Due to the increased need for renovation, a great number of demolition companies have emerged. These companies range from a one-man demolition crew to international demolition companies, proving that the business is good. Therefore, one needs to capitalize on their position in order to reap maximum benefits. For small demolition start-ups out there, below are a few suggestions on how you can make the best out of the business.

Use Water Cutting

This is a type of cutting which uses highly pressurized water to cut through material. Water jet machines can penetrate through wood, metal and glass, enabling you to slice through almost any building material. You may want to acquire this machine immediately you start the business. This is because water cutting relieves you of the need for most of other needed equipment, hence saving you long run operational costs. Moreover, water cutting machines are less strenuous to operate compared to chain saws and sledge hammers, thus making demolition easier. Due to water cutting's precision, you are also able to reduce depositions of small rock particles or metal chips during demolition, therefore making cleaning and salvaging easier.

Rent Equipment

When starting out, you may want to rent some tools and equipment. This will save you from overstretching your capital input towards high initial costs. For instance, you could hire a truck instead of buying one. Hiring also lowers maintenance costs by transferring the burden of servicing the machine and equipment to the owner.

Hire General Construction Workers

Although it's possible to operate as a solo wrecking crew, getting help wouldn't hurt. In fact, it will make work easier, allowing you to secure and fulfill contracts faster than you would have alone. Unlike specialized demolition personnel, general construction labourers are cheaper and can still perform the same tasks. This not only increases your profit margin but also allows you to reduce your prices more than standard renovation companies. Not only this, but some of these construction workers are highly experienced and may provide expert advice on how to efficiently run your demolition. They are also good at handling the equipment, and may even be able to perform a better job than you!


This involves taking a portion of a contract from a principal contractor as part of a larger project. This could give you more credibility, especially if the principal is a well-known company. In addition, you can also obtain better assistance from more qualified personnel. Sometimes, the principal can also lend you money to perform personal demolition jobs payable with interest after a stated period of time.