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Why Your Office Shouldn't Rely on Your Staff for Regular Cleaning

by Grace Dunn

Every office needs regular cleaning, but unfortunately too many companies today are asking their office staff to take care of this chore rather than hiring a commercial cleaning company. Office managers or company owners may assume that they are cutting costs by doing this, but this can be a shortsighted way of thinking. Note a few reasons why no office should rely on its staff for regular cleaning but should always invest in the services of a professional company instead.

1. You're financially liable for damage done during cleaning

Damage done to your office equipment and materials during cleaning can be very expensive. A member of your staff might damage a computer or printer while trying to clean around the back of it, or drop something in the kitchen and have it break. When this happens, you are financially liable for that damage and for replacing or repairing any equipment.

However, a commercial cleaning company will usually have their own insurance policy on which you can make a claim. This keeps you from the financial liability of having to replace that computer or printer or anything else that may get broken during cleaning.

2. Time cleaning is time away from business

If you ask your office staff to do any cleaning around the office, that means time taken away from your business. Rather than answer the phones and servicing the customer, they are taking out the trash and running the vacuum cleaner. Rather than working on a marketing strategy, they are wiping down the kitchen countertops.

Not only does this compromise the amount of work that gets done to increase or care for your business, but remember that you're still paying for cleaning services. Think of how much you pay your office staff on average per hour, and note how many hours it would take to clean the office. This is the cost of having the office cleaned by your staff, so remember that you're not getting this work done for free when your staff handles it.

3. Cleaning can reduce employee morale

If you hire someone to answer phones but then ask that person to vacuum, or you hire someone to create marketing material but then ask them to clean the bathrooms, chances are employee morale is going to suffer. Your office staff may be insulted at the request and resent having to do this work. In turn they may put less effort into their job or you may see their attitude start to affect customer service.

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