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How to Create a Clean Workplace for Maximum Productivity

by Grace Dunn

As a small business owner, your responsibility lies within ensuring that your company is profitable. That might sound simple and obvious, but in practice, this involves a lot of moving parts and it is easier said than done. In order to ensure that your business is profitable, you need your workforce to be motivated and working at full capacity.

Of course, pay incentives and a friendly work culture help with this, but so does cleanliness and order in the workplace. Here are some ways that you can encourage productivity in business by promoting a clean work environment.

Go non-toxic. Chemicals in cleaning products have been connected to asthma and other allergens. Instead of hiring the cheapest commercial cleaning services out there, thinking about hiring commercial cleaning services that only work with organic, non-toxic products. This will create a safer and healthier working environment for your employees. With more optimised health, your employees will be more productive.

Make sure the office is clean before work starts. It is imperative that your employees have a clean working environment, but it is also very important that your colleagues don't have the constant distraction of people cleaning around them.

For this reason, it's a good idea to hire a cleaning company who can do the bulk of the office or workplace cleaning before the work day begins. Big cleaning jobs like vacuuming and window cleaning can be noisy and distracting—and while they will create a clean office space, the timing could detract from potential productivity gains.

Help employees to organise themselves. It's not only the office as a whole that should be kept clean, but individual workspaces. Of course, much of this will be the personal responsibility of individual employees, but it doesn't hurt to give them a helping hand.

By supplying items such as storage containers and folders, you can help your employees to organise their desks. As a result, their uncluttered desk will promote an uncluttered mind, which in turn will promote an industrious work ethic.

Use scents that promote productivity. As well as going non toxic, you can actually use particular scents in cleaning products in order to encourage productivity in your employees. Lemon boosts concentration, lavender helps with relaxation in stressful work scenarios, the scent of jasmine has uplifting properties, and cinnamon improves memory retention. This is an easy way to create a productive environment.

Follow these tips and you'll have a clean, ordered, and productive workplace.