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3 DYI Carpet Cleaning Tips

by Grace Dunn

Carpets add colour, texture and pattern and they can be really effective tool in boosting the aesthetic value of your house. However, they undergoe severe punishment each day. Spills and human traffic take a toll on it so you need to be assertive when it comes to maintaining you carpet. One thing you should be particularly concerned about is the cleaning. So if you bought a gorgeous carpet, then here are ways to make it remain that way.

Test for colorfastness

This is the property of a carpet that makes it resistant to fading or bleeding when you clean it. A colorfast carpet is normally very tough. It can withstand some of the most powerful stain cleaners without showing any signs of fading.

You can check your manufacturer's instructions to know this. If you want to do it yourself, then get a hidden area of the carpet, perhaps the part under the closet. Vacuum that portion and lay a cloth soaked in the cleaner you want to use. Give it an hour or so then check the cloth. If it's stained, then the carpet is not colorfast, or maybe that cleaner is way too harsh. You need to continually try different cleaning agents till you get one that doesn't get rid of the carpet's colour.

Blot the stains

A good technique when cleaning your carpet is to blot the stains. Some people tend to rub them off but this spreads the stains around. Rubbing the stains is also hard on the fibres and leads to their premature breakdown. The key here is to apply gentle pressure on the stain using a cloth that easily soaks it up. When blotting, move from the edge of the stain inwards towards the centre. That will give you much better results.

Lean towards organic cleaners

The best you can do to your carpet and environment is using organic cleaners. They can be very effective especially when it comes to cleaning stains left by your pet. They can also work on other stains like sauces or coffee spills.

Organic cleaners, unlike other chemicals, are not so hard on your carpet and they would keep it lasting in mint condition much longer. These chemicals are also less expensive so you won't have to dig very deep in your pocket. Just spray your carpet and use a cloth to clean afterwards.

If you have any terrible stains that just won't come out, consider calling local experts like Chemdry Express. They can use organic cleaning supplies to bring life back into your carpets.